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Ileagel dental work????

i had a retainer at age 5 now i found out i wasnt supose too i had like 6 retainers then braces when i was 8 whats up with this it worked but cause i dont have an underbite any more but i found its ilegal to work on teeth that young unless its serious with it realy wasnt

Ileagel dental work????
Try using periods. And no, it's not illegal to work on teeth in young patients, there is a whole specialty devoted to it. Retainers or mouth appliances are used all the time in patients of that age.
Reply:I have seen 7 and 8 year olds with braces

Australian dental work - advice needed?

Hi all.

I have a fair bit of work that I need done on my teeth, I just wanted to see if anyone here would have a price idea, I need to have two teeth removed from the back of my mouth, one on the top the other on the opposite bottom. Both have been almost smashed to the gums. Also half my front tooth was broken off, all of this happened in a fight anyway. I'm in no pain but would like to take care of it all. Mainly the broken front tooth, I'm wondering what would be the procedure to repair half a tooth and perhaps the approximate cost. The back ones will just get ripped out I suppose. Also I could probably do with getting some of the tobacco and coffee stains off my teeth that are starting to form, so it looks like up could be up for a few thousand bucks?


- Some aussie guy

Australian dental work - advice needed?
$130 for each extraction, $190 for your front tooth and $90 to have tham cleaned.

total cost $540.

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Where can I find free or very cheap dental work to fix a root canal that has broken?

I had the root canal when I was a teenager and now 20 some years later the tooth has broken and another is loose. I don't have dental insurance and don't make much money. I've checked around and there isn't even a clinic that I could go to in the county that I live in. Does anyone have any ideas? I need help... this is starting to affect my self esteem. I live in Northeast Ohio.

Where can I find free or very cheap dental work to fix a root canal that has broken?
Look for the closest dental school. They usually have programs where dental students provide care either free of charge or at very low rates. The students are supervised by licensed dentists.
Reply:i guess this is only if you live in airdrie but go to apple wellness center! :D
Reply:You can check the classifieds online, I see dental students that are looking for patients some times. But the quickest way qould be to get a LOW cost discount dental plan with no waiting period and good discounts. Email me if you cannot find one. They should be available in that area.

Do i have to pay for my bf dental work?? i mean he only pays for 1/2 the rent, and 1/2 of the internet?

i have to pay for: food, pg%26amp;E, formula,diapers, baby stuff,gas,babysitter. and on top of that i have to deal with his bad attitude. he doesnt want to be bother at all. he cant watch the baby for 5 mins, because he goes nuts, he cant even take the trash out,not even sex, because of his game.f*ck!! i tried to tell him that i need help he says he cant, doenst make alot, but he complains alot, he doesnt like food blah blah, yet he always want to have bbqs, which i have to pay for, buy presents for his family. i told him to get a part time job so he get what he wants %26amp; help me out alittle and he says " i cant im too tired" when he only drives around. i already told him im not responsible for any of sh*t anymore, hes 5 yrs older than and should be taking care of his daughter!!! am i wrong for not paying for his dental??

Do i have to pay for my bf dental work?? i mean he only pays for 1/2 the rent, and 1/2 of the internet?
My suggestion...tell him he has X months (be may take a while to find employment depending on your locale). Tell him he has to come up with X dollars per month, or hand over X % of his paychecks ASAP.

Tell him if he doesn't do that, then you're walking. Don't say it as a threat, but as something that will be forced onto you. You can't do everything yourself. If he really wanted to be there, he would be doing all those things and more.....and you know it.

I hate ultimatiums, but you have a child....your responsibility is to him/her. Make sure the father figure is responsible, contributing, and that they see a healthy relationship!

sorry, I know this is a bit harsh...but hope it helps.
Reply:sorry to say but its you're fault for letting him get away with that crap you picked a loser...move on
Reply:I would let his teeth fall out and kick him to the curb, you got yourself a lazy a.s.s. who doesn't want responsibility so you need to be strong and say bye to him and find yourself a better man.
Reply:you have a bad husband. you should get divorced
Reply:You sold yourself out, didn't you? Living with a man, paying his way, sleeping with him, having babies with a loser. You're wrong about a lot of things, paying his dental work included
Reply:honey your crazy if you stay with him believe me it will get worsse
Reply:Only thing you should be paying for is a locksmith to kick him out, or a moving van to move yourself out. You are being taken advantage of, it shouldn't be tolerated.
Reply:Sounds to me like you would be better off on your own. Through out the bum and before you ever get pregnant again, make sure you have a real partner who shares in responsibilities and marries you first.
Reply:No you are not wrong. It's his bills not yours. The longer you let him get away with it, the longer he will act this way. He is very selfish and not willing to help at all. I would give him an ultimatum that he either shares the work load, the bills and the care of the baby, or hit the road. It will be cheaper for you if hes' gone.
Reply:Yes...dont pay for that!! This guy sounds like a lazy no good leech! You need to do something that will light fire under his a** and get him to step up a little.
Reply:Holy Moly, how can you put up with someone like that.

Move out and get you a real Man.
Reply:Absolutely not! You shouldn't have to support him if he can't even help with his daughter! Tell him to either start contributing or find someone else to support him.
Reply:Well, I am bias and not in 'like or love' with him::: I THINK YOU COULD DO BETTER BY YOURSELF! ACCORDING TO YOU, WHAT ''DO'' YOU NEED HIM FOR?

IT is not wise to stay with a man ''just because he is daddy'', when he is not even playing THAT ROLE EITHER!

You are YOUNG and not bad looking, so why not free yourself for a grown man who would accept you and your child. Some good men also like to cook! IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES OF BEING HAPPY...CAUSE IF YOU KEEP RIDING THIS SAME OLD HORSE, YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO GET KICKED!

Reply:Your the one letting me do this to you. You need to stand up to your standers and quit letting him wal all over you. Tell him pay the bills to or HE"S out. Hun don't pay for his dental work
Reply:You my dear, are being taken advantage of by your b/f. I can guarantee you that he will stay with you and make your life miserable as long as YOU ALLOW HIM TO! Tell him to go mooch off of someone else. IF he can't help at least with the babysitting, food, utilities half way, then he is taking advantage of you! He also sounds like he is depressed, and needs to get some counseling, but I bet he won't admit he needs help. Hon, in my 60 yrs. I have found you can't help someone that isn't ready to accept help. Is all you are doing now, is raising him too, along with your kids. He needs to GO! AND YOU ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT WRONG IN NOT WANTING TO PAY FOR HIS DENTAL WORK!!!!!!!!!Also if you are keeping him around just because of the baby, you are doing that baby of his no favors!!!!!! That baby is going to grow up either just like him, or hating him and YOU for not getting rid of him in the first place!
Reply:Sounds like you have a free loader on your hands. Kick him out!!

What are some ways to save money on dental work?

I've heard of dental tourism.

is there anything that can be done to save money closer to home?

What are some ways to save money on dental work?
X2 on the above suggestions on finding a dental school if there is one near you. Dental schools are excellent for getting great dental care at an affordable price.

How do I know? I graduated from one. :-D
Reply:don't spend alot of money %26gt;.%26gt;
Reply:If you have a dental school near you. YOu can get work done for little cost by students under total supervision of the license dentists professors. It takes longer then if you where to have it done a dental practice but it's worth the saving money..Good LUck
Reply:Find a dental college in your area. They take patients on for their students to practice and learn from. The procedures are cheaper but your visit to the dentist chair can be longer as your dental work must be supervised and graded. I've heard of lots of people doing this.
Reply:You can try a dental school or a discount dental plan. I have used both and have saved money. I use a plan that costs $11.95 a month and all procedures and specialist are included for the discounted cost. If you want, you can research and see if there are providers within your area . Hope this helps, I understand where you are coming from.

I am going under ga to have some dental work done how do they knock you out and how do they?

i am scared of the dentist he told me i should go under for alot of dental i dont know how they knock you out or what it is like when you are being knocked

I am going under ga to have some dental work done how do they knock you out and how do they?
When I had my dental surgery they started an IV and gave me meds thru it that knocked me out extremely quickly. It was the best I've ever slept!
Reply:Either an injection on the back of the hand or gas through a mask
Reply:hi, they will give you an injection and you will just fall asleep, dont worry its not scary and it doesnt hurt or anything like that. I have a phobia of needles so i was given gas before the injection so i wouldn't know about having the injection. being gassed is kinda fun actually, you breath in this plastic smelling stuff and then the room starts spinning- but its kinda funny and not scary at all. So dont worry you will be fine x
Reply:Its nothing to worry about,you will be knocked out by the doctor who will put a needle into the back of your hand then inject you with the anasthetic you may feel a cold sensation in your hand for a second then you will be asleep.

Its better to be asleep with lots of dental work being done you will feel a bit sore and disorientated when you wake but i recently took my 5 yr old daughter to have a tooth removed under g/a she was fine and i'm sure you will be too x
Reply:hi there i got and injection on the back of my hand it wasnt sore anout 5 or 10 sec later i was sleeping and can't remember a thing it is a good sleep don't worry am scared of hospitals and things it's not that bad

good luck and take care x
Reply:I was injected.

They told me i will be concious though out, that way you open wider, bite this, rinse etc when asked.

Here is the odd bit. You wil not remember a thing, not a thing, so if it hurt you dont know, but like i said its so you co operate with the dentist.

When mine was finished they asked me to walk to the recovery room and sit down, aparently I did. (but i dont remember)

You should also take some one with you to take you home, when you go home you will sleep and sleep, i slept solid for 22 hours.

I would like to go again just for the injection.(you don't feel high or anything just normal but you really will sleep well)

dont worry.
Reply:I had to face my dental fears 3 weeks ago as I badly needed work done. I had IV sedation, basically I was awake, fully aware of what was going on but not a care in the world about what was happening to me. I felt like it was ten minutes of my time and when I was brought back round was amazed to find almost 2 hours had past me by. I highly recommend this. I am back on Friday for a follow up appointment and for the first time in 10 years I have no worries about going.

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Is there any way to eliminate pre-existing plaque without dental work?

Plaque can be removed through extensive dental cleaning, but for those unable to afford steady dental services and are lacking flossing skills, is there any technique used to eliminate the plaque that's already on the teeth without having to go to a dentist?

Is there any way to eliminate pre-existing plaque without dental work?
I'm a dental Hygienist and I learned in school that the waterpik was outdated and did not work well. Then I got into a practice where many older patients where using them. These people had arthritis and I knew they weren't flossing and their gums looked GREAT. What they did was use a waterpik every day with half peroxide to half water. Plaque, the white soft bacteria film causes gum disease and this is what the waterpik with peroxide killed. You won't remove the tarter but it's the bacteria that does the most damage. Try and save your money (save all your change) and get a good scaling!! ALSO the medical community is relating gum disease BIG time to heart attach and strokes!!
Reply:...not really.
Reply:Rinse with peroxide for 2-3 min everynight and morning after brushing. Allow it to foam when you spit it out then rinse with water.
Reply:Yes. You can buy a dental tool (looks like a metal pointy pick) at CVS or pharmacy and work on the plaque. Be careful not to scratch your gums. You'll need to do some flossing to get between teeth up above the gumline. Of course nothing beats a dentist.
Reply:Brush twice a day. It will help some. But you will need to see a dentist.

Rinse with Listerine. I think it works better.
Reply:Try using a really good toothbrush and paste twice a day. Oral B has some good brushes out there that get in between your teeth and get all the goop out.
Reply:Plaque is a sticky bacteria laden soft deposit of sugars and proteins adhering to the tooth and can be removed easily by thorough tooth brushing . If however you are referring to calculus (tartar) ,that is a hard calcified material strongly adherent to the tooth which can only be safely removed at the dental office . Calculus is very destructive to the gums and supporting bone around your teeth and will eventually cause great damage .
Reply:floss without skills.
Reply:try hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash mixed, mix around for a few minutes a few times a day.
Reply:Yes, I use a dental pick. I got mine at WalMart. There are different kinds to choose from. I brush and floss every day, but the tartar still manages to come anyway. Anyway, in between dentist visits, this works well for me.

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